Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
Bilingual Voice Over Artist from Japan REIKO NARAO OFFICIAL WEBSITE
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Who is Reiko?

Reiko is an award-winning bilingual (JP/EN) voice-over artist and television personality based in Tottori, Japan. Through over 16 years of experience in the television and advertising industry, She is known for her approachable personas and ability to comprehend project goals quickly and deeply, which is often cited as a reason for collaboration.

Her voice captivates the Japanese market by embracing global diversity. She brings a multifaceted perspective honed through her experience in special effects makeup and a deep passion for Japanese folklore to enhance the nuances of the Japanese language.

Now, let's give your story the voice it truly deserves.

Japanese (Native, Tokyo Standard accent / Inaba dialect)
English (Second Language, Japanese accented American English)
Voice Quality
Medium to low midrange. Highly versatile voice with wide range of tone.
Deep yet whispery quality leaves a unique expression.
Home Studio
Broadcasting quality. Regular recordings and live-directed sessions available.

Voice Demos

Each file is available for download for the purpose of talent selection.
Feel free to ask us for free custom demos up to about 60 seconds.

Dignity_Profound_High Class_Luxury Car Commercial

ENGLISH_Educational_Epic_Pre Historic Site Promotional Video

Cheerful_Helpful_Friendly_Insurance Commercial

Old Fashioned_Calm_Mature_Japanese Tea Commercial

Monologue_Natural_Positive_Instant Soup Commercial

Profound_Classy_Educated_Museum Audio Guide

Over the Top_Fun_Draw Attention_Entertainment Show Promo

Demo Reel 1

Demo Reel 2

Home Studio Sound Quality Demo with 10 seconds of empty room sound


Voice Over in Japanese and English

  • Accepting voice-over projects in both Japanese and English, from local TV commercials to web commercials for global companies, catering to domestic and international clients.
  • Japanese: Native in Tokyo standard accent and Inaba dialect (Eastern Tottori).
  • English: Proficient in American English with a slight Japanese accent. Meeting the rising demand in global markets for "Japanese content delivered by Japanese voice" with a focus on diversity and authenticity .
    TOEIC 915
  • Trained under successful voice coaches, constantly pursuing knowledge, and refining skills.
  • Home recording booth, sound quality endorsed by audio professionals.
  • Available for remote recording (Zoom, Google Meet, Source-Connect Now, etc.) or on-site studio sessions as needed. (Studio recording will be arranged on a case-by-case basis due to the absence of a nearby studio.)
  • Able to proofread translated scripts from English to Japanese and adapt scripts to fit video durations when necessary. (Extra fee may apply.)

On-Camera Appearances in Japanese

  • Over 16 years of experience in the television industry including hosting live entertainment programs weekly.
  • Extensive experience in various TV and streaming programs, commercials, video productions, and events.
  • Versatile in different roles: on-site report, food review, product presentations, interviews, and more.
  • Known for a genuine and intellectual presentation style.
  • Particularly passionate about topics including parenting, history and Japanese folk traditions, cooking, and DIY.


Voice Over Works

adidas Skateboarding

"adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Dill in Tokyo" A present-day portrait of Jason Dill / A film by Greg Hunt / Hotel receptionist played by Reiko Narao

Notion Japan

"Think it, Make it." Introduction video of Notion, the workspace powered by AI Japanese narration by Reiko Narao

One Minutes

"AI meeting minutes app, One Minutes" Introduction video of the AI meeting minutes application Japanese narration by Reiko Narao

One Minutes

"AI meeting minutes app, One Minutes" Web commercial of the AI meeting minutes application Japanese narration by Reiko Narao

Kiso Town, Nagano, Japan

"Bringing the Beauty of Kiso's Scenery” Introduction video of Furusato Tax Deduction Gifts from Kiso Town, Nagano Prefecture / Japanese narration by Reiko Narao

Broadcasting System of San-in

"Yamato Power, to the World. -Miwa Komatsu: Artist of the Soul that Izumo Gave Birth to-" A documentary about artist Miwa Komatsu / English narration by Reiko Narao

RDD Japan

"RDD 2023 in Japan" An awareness event RDD (Rare Disease Day) 2023 in Japan Official Movie / Japanese narration by Reiko Narao

On-Camera and Voice Over Works

NKC Co., Ltd.

TV Commercial  “We're Here for You as You Strive”

NKC Co., Ltd.

TV Commercial  "We Propose: Happiness and Enjoyment"

Special thanks to our clients for allowing us to post their videos on this website.


Very professional, fast, precise and helpful. Highly recommended!

-Voiceover Studio and Localization Company, CEO, Hungary

Very clear and soothing voice with high skills are at the top of performance-rating skill.
Reiko welcomes new ideas and puts high value on doing a good job.
Always cheerful about upcoming projects and very reliable when it comes to time management.

-Sleep and Meditation App Development Studio, Japanese Content Manager, Canada

Reiko is frequently chosen as our PR person for local-government-sponsored public awareness campaigns. Messages aimed at the public, such as 'cancer screening awareness' and 'preventative measures for marine debris,' often tend to be overly formal. However, Reiko’s performance is perfect for crafting emotionally engaging and relatable expressions. It might be her exceptional understanding of project goals, or perhaps it's how she applies her own background and knowledge to amplify the audience's sympathy. She's impeccable and flawless, but personally, I adore her bubbly laughter that can liven up any room. Let's all become captivated by the intelligence and humor of Reiko Narao.

–Advertising Agency, Director, Japan

Within her clear and resonant voice, there's a touch of sweetness and softness that gives a transparent and sincere impression. Unlike voices you've heard elsewhere, hers is truly unique and full of originality.

–Advertising Agency, Voice Production Director, Japan

Ms. Narao's extensive experience is truly impressive. She can seamlessly switch between calm, mature, serious, energetic, cheerful expressions, and even speak in English, depending on the purpose. Above all, her ability to quickly find the right approach for each project and content is one of her most attractive qualities.

– Video Production, Company Editor, Japan

Reiko is not only tall and beautiful but also possesses great vocal qualities. She has extensive experience in appearances on television programs, commercials, and on-location shoots, and she responds well to direction with a wide range of capabilities. Furthermore, she's a great mother of two, showcasing her depth as a person even amidst a busy schedule.
She's excellent in shooting and recording. Simply put, she's fantastic!

– Advertising Agency, Director, Japan


  • Spotify
  • adidas
  • 3M
  • DSV
  • FDA
  • Notion
  • Publicis Groupe
  • docomo
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical
  • Anabuki Construction Inc.
  • Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
  • American Home Direct
  • etc.

Reiko's Story

"Texture and nuance embedded in the voice —
I aspire to convey the essence of words with heartfelt emotions."
Living in America played a pivotal role in shaping her voice as it is today; it is influenced by the intriguing aspects of the Japanese language, its cultural background, and folk traditions.

Her senses developed in a village nestled amidst mountains in Tottori, Japan, where shrines and nature are central to daily life. Simultaneously, her childhood fascination with drawing beautiful Western dresses fueled her creativity and led her to embark on a journey to study special effects makeup in the US at the age of 19.

The process of "crafting creations" demanded realism from every angle for convincing effects. While living in the US, encounters with individuals from diverse backgrounds awakened her awareness of her own origins and authenticity.

Upon returning to Japan, a fortuitous opportunity led her to appear on a local TV program, prompting a re-entry into the entertainment industry from a different angle. Now, as the main presenter on the same program, she shares the allure of her local region through her words.

This journey of conveying the charm of a region she once observed from afar kindled her interest in the "details embedded in the voice," leading her into the world of voiceovers. With professional trainings, she now offers her voice in both Japanese and English globally. She is also affiliated with Psychoro Inc., a company engaged in mental health care initiatives, where she utilizes her skills to foster community connections.

Just as she used texture and shading in clay sculptures to create realism, she uses the texture and nuance of her voice to bring written words to life. This commitment translates into a profound comprehension of projects and an unwavering dedication to conveying words with the utmost care.

  • Bilingual - Japanese and English
  • Over 16 years of experience in Television and Advertisement industry
  • Live TV Show Host
  • High-quality home studio with live-directed session capability
  • Natural, relatable delivery and versatile range of vocal tones
  • Creative mindset
  • Ability to pay attention to details
  • Deep interest in the development of Japanese culture adds sense of respect to the message
  • 2023 VOICE ARTS® AWARDS Outstanding Radio Commercial - Best Japanese Voiceover - WINNER
    VOICEOVER JAPAN AWARDS 2022 Best English Performance - FINALIST

Home Studio Setup

Audio Interface
Monitor Speakers
PreSonus ERIS E3.5
Monitor Headphones
Studio One 5 Artist, RX10 Standard, Ozone 6 Elements
MacBook Pro M2 Ventura
Acoustic Materials
Sandam CZ-12, SONEX PYR2
Home Studio Sound Demo with 10 Seconds of Empty Room Sound


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